Satellite TV Beginner Guides

On this page we have some satellite TV tutorials for beginners.

Learn how to set up and install satellite TV. How to get UK or European TV, which satellites to tune in to, which way to point your dish and what equipment you need to receive the signal.

If there is anything you would like to know then be sure to ask a question on our forums!

2 thoughts on “Satellite TV Beginner Guides”

  1. I live in south east Spain and I have a 1.9 metre Prime Focus dish.

    What is the best LNB to get all the UK TV (in HD if possible) – and also the American channel, PBS…?

    Thank you,

    Struan Robertson

    1. Sorry for lack of reply. I hope you found an answer somewhere.
      Best things to do on this website is to ask on the forum. Regards

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