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7 thoughts on “More4”

  1. Hi Rob!

    I have been meaning to donate a bit to help you, (though Im sorry it’s not more.) I really appreciate the work you do!
    Best wishes

    Gillian M.

  2. I’m impressed. Once all the channels are working For me VIP ITV plus 1. I’ll be happy, I think the quality is better than Filmon, but is this because only a few people are watching? …… I’ll be pleased to donate, but have had a couple of bad experiences with one-off payments on the web, where more money was taken out of my account than agreed . Can you guarantee this won’t happen? Can’t afford much but would like to chip in from time to time. You deserve support.

  3. Hi Rob. Huge thanks for all your efforts. I can usually watch a bit of TV without problems but today it is freezing every 60 seconds. I am in Corfu. I do not know my internet speed (sorry – I am a bit rubbish at this) but will try and find out how to find out. When I registered with you you had said my IP address was if that helps. It is fantastic what you have done. Thanks. Gill

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