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12 thoughts on “ITV”

  1. I am a new membwe and have just joined today. I could receive ITV1 this afternoon but am not receiving any picture (audio is ok)
    Any ideas please?

  2. What device are you using? It works for me using windows and Chrome browser. Desktop browsers need adobe flash plugin. Not sure about MAC / IOS/ Android etc.

  3. Hiya,

    been watching this great service here in costa del Sol, seemas not to work on my android anymore and have just lost it on my windows laptop. Is it a time limited programme. I have tried to become a VIP Member and also tried to donate, the programme wouldn’t let me do either???

  4. thank you for this site i live in cyprus and hav been without tv since thay band it sooooo greatful as money is short so this service is amazing and we really appreciate it as soon as i get paid i will make a donation , zmurrihy

  5. I’m new to this and loving it so far. I live in Germany and the one thing I miss is the English television. Thank you so much for your service you are amazing.

  6. Hi Rob, Thank you have been watching British TV on your stream and have made a very small contribution.
    Excellent picture and reception and Is there any chance of BBC1 N .Ireland being added. All the best John

  7. I am a new viewer, I want to donate but I have not watched one of my fave programs all the way through yet they keep stopping, how do I know when I start donating I will get a good service ?

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