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5 thoughts on “Channel 4”

  1. Thank you very much for your website. I live in Spain and i have very little access to English Tv where I live and depended on the internet. I was very disappointed what happened on Filmon. I was recommended this website. So thank you. Also, while you are developing your site it would be nice to see some childrens channels if possible like cbeebies, My little girls love that channel and i cant get it anywhere.

  2. this is a great site,so grateful thanks. I depend a lot on tv and so thankful you are there

  3. Hi Rob

    I live in the far north west of Spain and despite a large sattelite dish I am unable to get terrestrial channels.
    I am therefore very pleased to have discovered you as Filmon who I have never liked anyway have stopped free broadcasting. I wish you very good luck,I think your timing is good

  4. Spot on mate please please asap get the app sorted for android box living in Malta lots of Expats getting stumped by filmon now charging

  5. I found your site only yesterday and enjoyed watching all the live channels, although the catch up channels didn’t work. But this didn’t bother me it’s great to watch uk tv again. This morning, however all channels don’t work. “html5 error video file not found” this is dissapointing as i was lokking forward to having breakfast with bbc breakfast. This is just a message to say well done, keep up the good work. And aheads up about the problem. I live in Spain if that helps.

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