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UPDATE 03/02/13 at 20.00 - Astra 2B and all the rest of it! -‚ Now that Astra 2B has been cleared of all it's frequencies and channels what is expected to happen next,‚ firstly I must remind you of the original "SES-Astra" plan, Astra 2B was scheduled to be emptied of all transmissions and subsequently moved from 28.2 degrees east to 19.2 degrees east, this move to 19.2 is for back up capacity and also some broadcast transmissions, Astra 2B's move is sort of separate/detached to all the other "happenings" which are scheduled to happen, these are, during the second and third quarter of this year the following is/was the original plan of what should/would happen, Astra 2E's launch and placing at 28.2 degrees east, the subsequent Astra 1N move from 28.2 degrees east to 19.2 degrees east and then the Astra 2C move from 19.2 degrees east to 28.2 degrees east. The problem for "SES-Astra" is twofold, the Astra 2E launch has been delayed and has Astra 2F got a problem or problems as is widely suspected to be the case, Astra 2E's new launch date is the 20th of May this year which means that it will not be operational until sometime in July at the earliest, naturally this July Astra 2E officially active date is subject to everything going according to plan with the launch and placing of Astra 2E, any sort of delay or other problem with Astra 2E's launch would put immense pressure on "SES-Astra regarding timelines and satellite capacity at 28.2 degrees east with a subsequent knock on effect also at the 19.2 degrees east satellite position, as I said, Astra 2F has possibly got problems, this would not be the first (or the last) time that new satellites have had major problems following launch and if it is correct that Astra 2F does have problems then this would mean that the 28.2 degrees satellite position would be short of much needed frequency capacity, so what are "SES-Astra" to do? One thing that they do need to do is make contingency plans because also in teh third quarter of this year "SES-Astra" are due to take over lots of extra frequencies from "Eutelsat" at the "28" degrees east satellite position and if the satellite capacity is not there and already in place then big problems ensue, bearing allt his in mind then a possible change to the original "SES-astra" plan could see Astra 2B going to 19.2 degrees east but taking a more active role at this satellite position, once Astra 2B is at 19.2 degrees east we could see a shuffling/sharing/moving of frequencies and channels between all the satellites at this position witht he ultimate aim of clearing Astra 2C of all it's frequencies and channels, this would then allow Astra 2C to move from 19.2 degrees east to 28.2 degrees east thus giving "SES-Astra" some much needed satellite capacity and some much needed contingency and breathing space at 28.2 degrees east, if "SES-Astra" do adopt this route of moving Astra 2C to 28.2 degrees east earlier than the original plan then it would also sort of "unofficially" confirm that Astra 2F does indeed have problems, if when Astra 2B gets to 19.2 degrees east and we then see the moving around of frequencies and channels between the satellites and it looks like Astra 2C is being cleared of it's frequencies and channels then it will be safe to say that Astra 2C will be moving and Astra 2F has problems, we await further developments with anticipation and trepidation. One further thought on the Astra 2B frequencies and channels moving to Astra 1N and not Astra 2F as was expected is that yes Astra 2F could have problems but also it could be possible that Astra 2F does not have problems, the reason for 2B to 1N not 2F moves could be something much simpler, as Astra 1N is scheduled to move from 28.2 degrees east to 19.2 degrees east could "SES-Astra" have put the Astra 2B channels onto Astra 1N so it could test the Pan European Beam, as far as I am aware the only time "SES-Astra" have ever used the Pan European Beam on Astra 1N was only for a very brief period following Astra 1N's launch, just a thought! As I said we await further developments with anticipation and trepidation, I think that "SES-Astra" await further developments with much less anticipation and much more trepidation! LOL! 





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  1. Hi

    Seen in another forum that Astra 2C is on the move from 19.2 east on its way to 28.2 east.
    Someone has stated that a fault may be developing with the now outdated Astra 2A and Astra 2C is required urgently to take over the remaining frequencies before Astra 2A expires (already passed it sell by date?)

    Does anyone know if there is any truth in this report and what will the reception implications be for fringe reception of these frequencies (ie South Eastern Europe)?

    1. not true ..the SES PLAN FOR 2015 is ACTIVE 2e/2f/2g backup 2a/2c
      HOWEVER the only backup for 2E uk beam is the very broken 2D …which is still on the book …so you are right but its 2D not 2A

      also SKY want to push their 45CM COVERAGE OVER TOTAL BRITISH ISLES ..they can only do this if traffic is on the more powerful 2E/2F …

  2. Hi

    Just an update to my last post on Astra 2C, I have checked on and the position of this satellite is currently 27.15 east.

    Maybe there is some truth in the report?

    1. hi Teknoman.

      Not many people reply to comments left on pages such as this one. I think you would be better off posting in the forum about this, then many more people will probably reply.

      General Satellite Forum


  3. 16 June 2001, LIFE OF 15 YEARS (can be more)
    E28A 8 March 2001 but life was only 12 years its the ´´oldest ´´ at 28e

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