UK based VPN to watch iPlayer, ITV Hub, My5 / Demand 5, All 4 / 4OD catch up TV services.


Watch live UK TV and Catch up TV from outside the UK!

Including BBC iplayer, ITV Hub, Channel 4 (All4, / 4OD / 4 On Demand,) and Channel 5 (My5 / Demand 5)

This page is for a UK based VPN used to watch catch up TV. If you want to watch live UK TV, click here.(most countries).  The USA is blocked for these live UK TV streams, (out of our hands), so USA users still need a VPN for live UK TV. Any other country who cannot access our live TV streams, sorry but our provider is blocking you. Please use the VPN. We hope to add our own live UK TV streams very soon and not rely on 3rd party provider!

To access UK restricted websites, you need a UK VPN or a proxy / Smart DNS service to masquerade your internet connection to appear to be in the UK. Most big VPN providers are blacklisted by the TV services such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, iPlayer and more. We are operating a small VPN so people can access UK based catch up TV and other UK services via the VPN.

Important: This service is for the main UK based TV catch up services mentioned, we provide no support for Netflix!


How to use Rob's Satellite TV UK VPN!

Please read sections 1-4 at the minimum!

1: Terms and conditions / AUP
2: Before you install!
3: Quickstart Guide
4: Full Guide


1: Terms & Conditions / Acceptable use

This VPN is strictly for accessing UK based geo blocked websites.

  • No uploading or downloading of illegal files including pirated software, movies & music etc.
  • No accessing pornography websites.
  • No accessing websites which might have illegal content such or information related to illegal activities.
  • No spam emailing (unauthorised mailing lists).
  • No port scanning or hacking.

2: Before you install!

If you already have a VPN software, make sure it is not running at the same time as OpenVPN.


3: Quick Start Guide

Download and install the OpenVPN Gui client.
Download the rstv-vpn file from here  (right click and "save as")
Open the main OpenVPN GUi program from your start menu or desktop.
The OpenVPN icon sits in the system tray (lower right of screen on Windows PCs - if the system tray icons are hidden, click the small white arrow next to the clock to show the icons) - right click on it and "import config file".
Browse to where you downladed the rstv-vpn file and select it.
Using the OpenVPN Gui icon in the system tray you can connect and disconnect to the VPN.
Enter your RSTV website login details, click "Save Password", then Connect.

open vpn system tray icon


4: Full guide (Windows Vista and newer. For MAC, click here):




4.2: Install the program using the default options, then click Finish.


Open the program. It runs minimised in the system tray (bottom right of your screen, next to the clock). Look for this icon which looks like a keyhole with orange circle-> open vpn system tray icon

If you cannot see the icon, click the small white triangle / arrowhead next to the clock.
You should now see the OpenVPN icon (see the image below).

open vpn system tray icon

4.3: Use the system tray icon to connect to the VPN

  • Either right click the icon and "Connect", OR double click the icon.
  • Enter your login details
  • Tick the "Save password" box.
  • Click OK to connect!

While the VPN is connecting, you will see this dialog box (below). Once the connection is established, this box will go away.

Open VPN connecting status
OpenVPN connection status


After 5-10 seconds when the dialog box has minimised to the system tray, you are connected! The OpenVPN system tray icon turns green.

Open VPN connected icon turns green

Congratulations, you are now connected to a UK based VPN which is not on any blacklists, unlike many of the big VPN companies!

PLEASE DISCONNECT FROM THE VPN WHEN YOU ARE DONE. (Just double click the icon and choose disconnect). This isn't mandatory but it will help keep our server resources down and this in turn helps every user! Also it will speed up your web browsing if you aren't using the VPN as your data won't be routed via the UK all of the time!


5: Troubleshooting

  • If you do not disconnect from the VPN in the proper manner, your web browsing may temporarily stop working. This is because your PC still tries to route data via the VPN when you are not connected to it. To resolve this, restart your computer or connect to the VPN again.
  • In the unlikely event of any issue, restart your computer, or connect to the VPN again. Also you can email [email protected]