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Eutelsat 28B‚ (is a back up on stand by satellite at present)

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UPDATE 01/03/13 at 20.00 - Eutelsat 28.5 East Frequencies -"Eutelsat" have released a press statement which reads as follows‚ 

"Statement on use by Eutelsat of German filing at 28.5‚° East"

"Paris, 28 February 2013 - Eutelsat and Deutsche Telekom AG have reached a final settlement to the dispute regarding the duration of Eutelsat's right to use a German filing at the 28.5‚° East orbital position, without prejudice to the parties' respective positions concerning the subject of the dispute."

"Both parties have consequently agreed that arbitration proceedings initiated in 2011 before the International Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce will be terminated. The Court of Arbitration is shortly expected to issue a decision by consent which will reflect the settlement agreed by both parties."

"The exact terms of the settlement will remain confidential."

It does not tell us much does it? And it was not on the Eutelsat website last night (the 28th) either! We must await The Court of Arbitration to shortly issue a decision‚ which will reflect the settlement agreed by both parties before we find out anymore but as this is a "final settlement" between "Eutelsat" and "Deutsche Telekom" one has to ask the following question - Has "Eutelsat" succeeded in it's argument that "Deutsche Telekom" (the original holder of the "28.5" frequencies) had no rights to transfer the "28.5" frequencies to "Media Broadcast" who subsequently sold these frequencies to "SES-Astra"? The answer may be yes and a "final settlement" of some sort was reached, what this "final settlement" consists of is currently unknown, we await further developments

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