Astra 2F satellite reception reports

ASTRA 2F European Reception Reports
This page is no longer kept up to date. You should go to read the latest Astra 2F Reception Reports on the forum, where our users post up to the minute reception reports from Spain, Italy, France, Germany and many other parts of Europe.‚ 
This rest of this page was last updated on 08/01/13

For the very latest reception reports please see my forum where continuing and changing reception reports are being reported by my very excellent members, naturally you too can join "Rob's" and report your own reception reports and other stuff, sign up now!These written reception reports contain detailed confirmed location and‚ dish size reception of the‚ Astra 2F satellite

These Reception Reports below are from the new activated 2F Frequencies of 10.964 H, 10.994 H, 11.052 H, and 11.126 V as well as the long time 2F Frequency of 11.023 H.

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There have been some reports of some changes in reception of Astra 2F in some areas, the following were received/reported by website members on 08/01/13, more to come ‚ and more are most welcome and of course my forum also has info, do join/sign up

Spain, Algorfa near Torrevieja - Just to report signal good on 1.1m dish. Neighbour having problems with ch4 hd and ch5 on 1.0m. - "John D"

France, Biarritz -‚ In Biarritz we have lost C4 HD,and channel 127 even in good weather.‚ All other Astra 2F channels - Ch 5, 5+1, 5 USA etc are still OK, but with reduced performance - Strength 85%, Quality 50%.‚ We have a 90 cm Triax dish. _ "John"

Spain, Costa Blanca -‚ No change in reception at all on the Costa Blanca - "UKTV CB Dave"

Spain, Costa Blanca, Javea -‚ No change noted here in over the past few days. Still have a stonking signal with high quality. I am using a 2.4 metre prime focus dish which of course is a great help.‚ I think the signal levels would have to drop quite a lot before it would make a great deal of difference. - "Pavlo"

Spain, Costa Blanca, Denia - Well, last night, I noticed picture breaking up then non at all on BBC2 and BBC1 Standard Definition around 9:30pm GMT. This was not the case before the weekend. However, I continued to receive both HD signals satisfactorily. I now have a First Strike FS1 Satellite Meter, and also Technomate 5402 HD in addition to my SKy HD box so will carry out some more accurate surveys.‚ 1.15m offset dish, Black Supreme LNB, 35m cable run to Sky HD box. - "John"

The reports below were received/reported up to and including 02/01/13

Iceland -‚ Astra 2F has a little lower signal than 1N but still it is 100% with 80 cm dish in all of Iceland and on east part of the island 45 cm Sky dish will work in most weather, 2F is‚ around 3db less than 1N - "Ari"

He is around 3db less power than 1N in Iceland‚ 

France, Biarritz - With a 60 cm Sky Dish, C4 HD and all the other channels that were transferred to Astra 2F have been capable of reception in very good weather conditions only, however, I installed a Triax 90 cm dish. the actual dimensions are 85cms x 92cms. I can now receive all the Astra 2F channels with good reception. For example, reception for C4 HD is Strength 85% and quality 80% on a dry morning with blue skies. In wet and cloudy conditions strength drops to 80% and quality to either 60% or 50%. Even so, the channels are of an acceptable viewing quality, in contrast the channels that still transmit from Astra 1N are at 100% strength and quality under all weather conditions, this is better than with the 60 cm dish, thus there is no doubt that the enlarged dish has led to a significant improvement - "John"

France,‚ Draguignan, 30kms north of St Tropez -‚ 80cm dish, quad 0.3db LNB,‚ since Channel 5 moved on the new satellite I had to re adjust very carefully my dish to have the reception back, the Thomson standard sky box gives a quality signal of 66 on channel 5 when it's around 100 on E4. I can watch all the channels for now, I had all the frequencies in the afternoon but as soon as the sun went down, I lost channel 5, 5 USA and 5*. 4 Seven is not lost but almost impossible to watch because of pixelisation. The rest is fine.‚ - "Cyril"

Germany, Thuringa, Erfurt -‚ 1.2m opticum dish, grundig 0.3db twin lnb, 60% strength, 40% quality from itv and channel 5 transponders on 2F mid afternoon, will monitor into the evening - not constant, have upgraded to a inverto black ultra lnb, which improved things a little, reception of Astra 2F channel 5, itv and channel 4 transponders, using sky hd 1tb box is ok until about 7pm (local german time) at which point itgoes until around 11pm (local time) when it starts to function again, haven't checked what happens through the night but it is a little broken at 7am although by 7:30 all fine all day until 7pm -‚ "Phil"

Spain South,‚ Granada Coast - 1.3m dish, RT quad lnb, no 2f reception at all - "Costaman"

Portugal Central,‚ Lower slopes Serra do Aƒ§or mountains -‚ Fortec Star 2.4 metre petal dish (elevation "scrapes" distant trees on distant height,‚ 30m coaxial cable run,‚ Sky box, steady reception of the "Fives" in clear weather or light cloud, pixelation to total loss in heavy cloud. My friend 5km away with 1.5m dish and open/clear elevation sight-line and short cable run reports "no problems" - "Nimrod"

Germany, Koblenz - 45cm Technisat Multytenne dish, perfect reception of transponder 11.023 H - "Multytenne Owner"??

Spain, Murcia, Puerto de Mazarron - 1.35m dish, ‚ So far so good here I still have all channels here, I can confirm I still have Channel 5 SD, 4Seven ‚ SD, and Channel 4 HD‚ - "John"

Czech Republic, Prague - Gilbertini 1.5m dish, Technisat S2 receiver, 11.023 H no signal just lock, all other‚ 10.964 H, 10.994 H, 11.052 H, and 11.126 V‚ approx 3.9dB half of 1N but still reception very good,‚ actually no visible change So I am happy until 2E change - "Michal"

10.964 H, 10.994 H, 11.052 H, and 11.126 V
approx. 3.9dB half of 1N but stil reception very good.
(actually no visible change) So happy until 2E change.

Austria, near Zell am See - 78cm Triax dish, inverto black quad lnb, sky hd receiver, no reception from 2F,‚ 1N comes in at between 60 and 70 percent strength and quality‚ - "Phil" (the same "Phil" as below)

Germany, Erfurt -‚ 90cm dish is giving an image at certain times of the day, mainly pixelated though, not good enough for watching and not for all day reception - "Phil" (the same "Phil" as above)

Spain, Valencia - 1.0m dish, getting all channels, 10.964 H S85%/Q70%, 11.023 H S85%/Q40%-11% stable - "Eddie" again

Spain, North, San Sebastian - Triax 88 dish, Black Inverto LNB,‚ I'd like to update the info I gave you before, I've been testing the new channels on 2F (4Seven, 5 USA, USA+1 and 4HD on my Sky+HD receiver and the news is that I can pick them up with clear skies, it's right on the limit and as soon as it gets overcast the picture starts to break up and if it's raining (no need for heavy rain) it even becomes impossible to lock the channels, the HD channel is even more critical and it has a cleared tendency to breaking up - "Josh"

Spain, Fuente del Conde which is almost exactly where Malaga, Cordoba, and Granada provinces meet -‚ 1.2m dish and a Humax Fox-Sat HD receiver,‚ I did a Freesat tune yesterday and the channels that you listed as having moved show up on the channel listing but all have the same "No or bad signal" message when I select them - "Richard"

Czech Republic, Central - 2F is traceable with 180 cm or 150 cm Gibertini according to forums - "Jiri"

Germany, Wildflecken, NW Bavaria - 2F is fine on Wave T85 dish, as expected not working on Technisat 45 Digidish, I will check a 64cm dish next week - "Kai"

Germany, Munich - 1.0m dish -‚ 10.964MHz (Channel 5 etc...) Technisat HDFS "reception level" 82, Quality 3.8dB (bar shows red, occasionally yellow) - reception possible with no pixelation (midday, will check over time if this varies).‚ For comparison, a non-migrated Astra 1N transponder, e.g. BBC1 (south) on 10.817MHz, reception level 101, Quality 10.1dB - "Mark"

Italy, Taino, 55km NW of Milan - 1.0m offset dish,‚ FlyCom LNB, Humax HD5600S receiver, all channels received with strength 80%, quality 100% over 24 hours - "Derek"

Spain, Andalucia - 1.25m dish, lost the channels that were moved to 2F, 1N channels are fine - "Melanie"

Portugal, Algarve - 1.3m dish, lost all the channels which have recently moved to 2F - Sheila"

Spain, Valencia - 1.0m dish, all channels coming in loud and clear in Ontinyent Valencia - "Eddie"

Germany, Erfurt - 80cm dish, looking at the reports the beam seems long but narrow, so southern france, eastern spain and western italy seem to be ok along with Switzerland compared to 2D - "Phil"

Spain, Costa Blanca, Torrevieja - 1.9m dish, still getting around 80 SNR - "Ritchie"

Austria, Innsbruck - 1.2m dish, I‚´ve lost completely ITV 1 HD and‚ Channel 4 HD on my SKY HD box - "Manny"

Croatia, Kutina - 2.4m Prodelin dish,‚ 10.964 8.3 dB - 8.4 dB, 10.994 - 11 023 8.5 dB - 8.6 dB, 11 053 - 11 126 8.3 dB‚ "Lambdakt"

Spain, Costa Blanca, Denia - 1.15m offset dish, I am receiving all the HD channels this morning 05/12 - "John"

Ireland, Dublin - 60cm Oval Sky dish and Sky LNB, New channels added 04/12, S90%/Q76% - "Sean"‚ 

Canary Islands, Tenerife South - 3.0m dish, I can confirm you can receive signals from Astra 2F in Tenerife South. Today a friend of mine who works installing satellite dishes was testing since this morning and with 3 meters dish signals from ITV , CHANNEL 5 and BBC are OK. - "F. Garcia"

Spain, Costa Blanca -‚ 1.1mtr dish .2 db lnb both illusion M3 (poor tuner) and Cristor Atlas hd100 picking all channels after change (all be it blowing a mini gale). Signal on Atlas strengh 85% Quality problem with viewing - "Lez"

France, Grasse - 85cm dish, Prior to switch over C/N of 10.9-11.1 dB on my SatCatcher meter now 7.9-8.1 db - "Malcolm"

France, between Carcassonne and Perpignan - 90cm dish, all channels working well, I also aligned an 80cm dish in Perpignan and all chanenls were working OK - "Dave"

Germany, NW, Bremen - 85cm dish focused on 19.2. Light medium signal, but stable even in rain - "Ike"

Germany, Erfurt - 80cm dish, no 2F signal at all, all other 28 degrees east satellites icluding 1N 100% quality, all my colleagues have lost 2F too on 80cm dishes, 1.2 meter dish ordered - "Phil"

Spain, Cantabria near Santander - 1.0m dish, all 2F frequencies are Strength 76-80%/Quality 62-68% - "Juan"

Spain, Costa Blanca, Torre de la Horadada - 1.4m dish/Humax receiver, all migrated channels fine except for ITV 1 HD Granada which is freezing some of the time, all have Strength 75%/Quality 70%, weather clear - "David"

Norway, Hamar, near Oslo - 1.8m offset dish with 0.3 Invacom LNB and Humax Freesat receiver, 10.993 H before and after change S80%/Q90%, 11.126V S80%/Q100, no channels are missing and everything is very stable, with the old 2D satellite vertical signals faded through the day - "Vidar"

Canary Islands, Gran Canaria South -‚  2.4m Channel Master/Andrews dish, inverto black Ultra LNB, blue cloudless skies, 10.964 H OK but suffered horizontal pixelation earlier in the day, 10.994 H OK but very slight pixellation earlier in the day, 11.052 H, have not seen any problems on this frequency, 11.126 V, not watchable, heavy pixellated/freezing picture, nothing was being received at one point earlier in the day - "Richard"

Portugal, Coimbra, halfway between Porto and Lisbon - 1.25m offset dish/Bush Freesat receiver, good picture and sound, Strength 70%/Quality 65%, two friends have 1.0 dishes and have no 2F reception - "John"

Spain, Mallorca, Palma - 1.65m dish, still got everything, I found that putting a new LNB on 1.65 increased Chanenl 5 frequency signals by 30% - "Greig" (Sky Services)

Spain, Costa Blanca South - 1.35/1.4m is good enough for here, some get and some don't get with 1.0m - "Alex"

Spain, Costa Blanca North - 1.0m seems fine for here - "Alex"

Spain, Costa Blanca, Calpa - 1.2m dish, all 2F frequencies are good, S87%/Q62% - "Satellite Sid"

Spain, Costa Blanca, Zenia? - 1.45m dish, receiving all channels from 2F - "Peter/Tracy"

Spain, Costa Blanca, Torrevieja, Los Montesinos - 1.5m 0ffset dish/AZ Premiun HD receiver/Terchnomate Gold LNB, 10.964 H 55%, 10.994 55%, 11.023 H 65%, 11.052 H 57%, and 11.126 V 57% - "Peter"

Spain, Costa Blanca, Moreira - 90cm dish/Technomate LNB, S72/Q62 - "Robert"

Germany, 100km north of Munich - 1.0m dish, obviously on the edge here, 2F 47%/1N 78-86% - "Tony"

Spain, Costa Del Sol, Fuengirola - 2.0m dish IRTE, nothing, heard a rumour that 4.5m dish needed - "Rupert"

Spain, Valencia Crevillente - 80cm dish, I have lost reception of the channels o the frequencies that have moved to Astra 2F from Astra 1N, ITV 1 Central South, Channel 5 e.t.c. - "Paul"

Germany South,‚ between Ulm and Augsburg - 1.2m dish, this morning in heavy rain I could not receive these new 2F frequencies now I can pick them up good without signal drop, weather cloudy - "Richard"

Belgium, Maaseik region - 1.0m dish, my 28E is offset,‚  S75%/Q70-75%, 2F is stronger than 1N - "Tom"

Spain, Malaga - 2.4m dish and 3.0m dish, no signal on the 2F frequencies - "Carl"

Portugal, Porto - 1.2m dish, I still see the new 1N to 2F frequencies, signal values like the old 2D, great news for me and the people from the north of Portugal, CH4 HD on 1N was 97%/CH4 on 2F is 50% - "Pedro"

Portugal, Algarve, near Faro - 1.4m P/F dish and 2.4m dish with Invacom LNB, all channels on the recently moved 1N to 2F frequencies have gone - "Trevor"

Slovakia, Skalica - 2.5m PF dish, weather cloudy, reception of CH5 frequencies, reception of all CH4 frequencies but drops in and out/not watchable most of the time, reception of all ITV frequencies except HD and others that share the HD frequency- "Nicholas"

Spain, Costa Blanca, Torrevieja - 1.35m offset dish, decrease is signal on moved frequencies from the previous 1N 100% to the now 2F between 50-70% but not breaking up - "Simon"

Spain, Costa Blanca, Javea - All recent moves OK at the following locations and on the following equipment, Xativa 1.0m dish, La Nucia 1.0m dish, Smart Titanium LNB, and Technomate HD receiver, Pedreguer 1.1m dish and Sky SD receiver, Oliva 1.2m dish, Smart Titanium LNB and Freesat receiver -‚ "UKTV CB"

Spain, Sevilla - 1.3m dish, all channels that have today moved to Astra 2F have gone here - "Paul"

Spain, Costa Blanca, Torrevieja - 1.35m dish, "F 65% as opposed to 1N 85%, all working perfectly and plenty strong enough on the 1.35, also 1.0 dish no but 1.1 dish yes - "Nigel"

Spain, Cantabria near Santander - 1.0m dish, now overcast and moderate rain, 11.023 H S79/Q63, 10.964 H S80/Q64, 10.994 H S79/Q62, 11.052 H S77/Q68, 11.126 V S76/Q67 - "Juan"

Spain, Almeria - 1.5m Gilbertini dish, today at 0900, 11.052 H is stronger (70%Q) than 11.023 H (58%Q), 11.126 V is the weakest at 56Q, 10.964 H is 67Q and 10.994 H is 63Q - "Harvey"

Spain, Costa Blanca, Torrevieja - 1.85m dish - no problems in picking up the new 2F frequencies - "Alex"

France, Biarritz - 60cm dish/Humax receiver, all channels still OK here - "John"

Slovenia, Ilirska Bistrica - 2.4m Channel Master dish, 11.023 H 8.3dB, everything around 8dB - "Primoz"

Italy, Northern Tuscany - 1.2m dish, all Channel 5's are weak here, pixelating but possibly watchable for a short time, sound OK, Strength 80%/Quality 40% on the Humax HDR, weather good/dry/still - "Keir"


The Reception Reports below were from when 11.023 H was the only 2F Frequency

Spain, Costa Blanca, Torrevieja - 1.1m dish works but weak/1.35m dish decent signal, no problem - "Nigel"

Spain, The Netherlands, Eindhoven - 45cm Technisat Multytenne dish, still S80%/Q100%, no change - "David"

Spain, Costa Blanca, Algorfa - 1.85m dish, Strength 85%/Quality 100% no noticable change in reception - "Johnm"

Belgium, Bruges - 80cm dish, Strength 90%/Quality60% - Sorry but I forgot to add the name, So Sorry

Spain, Costa Blanca, Calpe - 2.4 and 1.4 dish, both channels OK - "Satellite Sid"

Croatia, Kutina - 2.4m Prodelin dish and Invacom LNB, good reception of 11.023 H, signal varies frm 7.3-8.0 dB, lock on my DM8000 is 6.8 dB - "Lambdakt"

Portugal, Algarve, near Faro - 2.4m P/F, tried for Astra 2F, still nothing - "Trevor"

France, Mirambeau, 65km north of Bordeaux - 45cm Triax dish, S35%/Q60%, need a bigger dish - "Cavan"

France, Dordogne, Perigueux - 70cm dish, Strength 76%, Quality 100% - "Ian"

The Netherlands, Apeldoorn - 45cm Technisat Multytenne dish, SNR 9.7dB, good and clear picture - "Jos"

France, Gers - 60cm dish, Signal is 90% Strength and 70% Quality - "Ian"

Italy, 40km south of Milan - 1.25 offset dish, in good weather, from morning 82% to late evening 66%, receiver's limit for good picture is 58%, when rain there is some pixelation - "Pierangelo"

Spain, Benidorm/Altea - 2.5m shared dish, signal 90% and rock steady - "Dave"

Norway, Hamar , 100km north of Oslo - 1.8m offset dish with 0.3 Invacom LNB, 11.023 H received perfectly, Signal Strength 80% and Quality 90% - "Vidar"

Spain, Cantabria near Santander - 1.0m dish, reception OK, Strength 82%/Quality 64% - "Juan"

Spain, Murcia, Costa Calida - 1.7m dish, coming in OK but signal down from 85% to 65% - "Dale"

Spain, 60km east of Malaga - 1.3 dish with Inverto Black LNB, no signal- "David"

Spain, Malaga - I tested three installations using a 1.8 Channel Mater dish, signal isextremely small, 2.4 or 3.0m dishes will be needed, will test soon - "Carl" again

Germany, Karlsruhe - 60cm dish, Signal Quality fallen from 80% to 50%, no bad weather reserve - "Adrian"

Macedonia, Strumica - 2.2m dish, Astra 2F, no signal - "Alpa"

Spain, Costa Blanca, Torrevieja - 1.8m dish, tested and saved both 11.023 H channels, 2F no differemt to 1N - "Clive"

Slovakia, Skalica - 2.5m PF dish, no reception of 2F, full reception of 1N - "Nicholas"

Norway, Bergen - 80cm dish, moved my dish, S80%/Q60%, signal very marginal, need a bigger dish - "William"

Spain, Murcia, Los Alcazares - 1.9m dish, S90/Q100, no picture break up - "Terry"

Portugal, Lisbon - 1.0 dish, no signal - "Roiserra"

Italy NW, 40km north of Turin, Ivrea - 1.0m Gilbertini dish, S87%/Q73, 1N 100% watchable with no problem - "Andrea"

Spain, Costa Blanca, Torrevieja - 1.5m dish, 62% on 2F, it is 70% on 1N - "Peter"

Germany, Berlin - 1.8m dish, 11.023 H, strength 90% and quality 82% - "Glenn"

The Netherlands, Breda - 78cm dish, signal exactly the same as 1N, been checking for two days now - "Neil"

Portugal, Algarve, extreme west coast - 1.8m dish and Invacom LNB, no signal - "Doug"

Spain, Costa Blanca - 1.85m dish (communal), 85#% Signal Quality, good clear picture and steady signal - "Johnm40"

Spain, Costa Blanca, Oliva - 1.1m dish, S90/Q65%, slight pixelation in overcast conditions - "Lez"

Spain, Madrid South - 1.35/1.2 Oval offset dish with Inverto black Ultra LNB, teo receivers tested, Golden Media S89% and Q18-36% , Amiko Alien S78%/Q70%, video/audiois stable on both receivers - "Jose"

France, Brittany, little south of Quimper - 60cm dish, S90/Q100%, had forgotten to change from QPSK to 8PSK! - "Nigel"

Ireland, Cork - 60cm Oval Sky dish, Strength 99%/Quality 77%, this is the same strength that I have for 1N - "Mike"

Germany, 100kn north of Munich - 1.0m dish, SNR 45% - "Tony"

Germany, Munich - 1.2m dish, Strength 85%/Quality 60%, normally these are off the scale with 1N " Ian"

Italy, Naples - 2.0m dish, no signal - "Peter"

France, Frejus, near Grasse and Cannes - 1.0m dish, no signal - "Gordon", I did get a report from "Malcolm" from Grasse saying he got 11.023 H on a 1.0m dish so you may need to move your dish slightly "Gordon" or is it your receiver?

France SW, Nerac, a little NW of Toulouse - 60cm dish, received with 85%/90% signal, slightly down on 1N - "Bob"

France SW, just west of Perigueux, between Limoges and Bordeaux - 80cm dish, picking up the two test channels ‚  ‚  ‚  with Signal Strength 100%/Signal‚ Quality 100% - "Mike"

France, Abusson, 90km east of Limoges -‚ 11.023 H coming in strength 87% and quality 93% on a Sky Zone 1 dish and Mvision HD200 receiver, slightly higher than the Astra 1N signal - "Orbit"

Spain, Costa Blanca, Torrevieja - 1.9m dish, getting the two 11.023 H channels here, 75% snr, no problems - "Richie"

Spain, Barcelona - 1.0m dish,‚ Since last week, 11.023 H was received perfectly when it was on 1N (85% Quality on FOXSAT HDR) now I got 0%. No signal at all !!! - "Jordi"

Denmark, Vejle - 1.1m Triax dish, no reception at all of 11.023 H from 28E satellite today 24.11.2012. - "James"

Austria, Bad Hall - 1.8m dish steerable, regretably I must note that reception of the UK-beam on the new satellite Astra 2F is not possible for me here in Upper Austria with acceptable dish-sizes, I suspect that the reception zone is similar to the one of the former Astra 2D satellite - "Gustav"

Germany, Just west of Bonn - 90cm, just to let you know that I can receive the test transmissions perfectly - "Nicola"

Tenerife - 3.0m dish, just checked today (23rd November) signal for 11.023 H BBC 1 HD at 10.30 and it has since weakened from yesterday, picture breaks up, not looking good for us here by the looks of it - "Lynda"

Switzerland, Bern - ??cm Technisat Multytenne, Astra 2F frequency of 11.023 H‚ works with Technisat Multytenne, signal not so strong, 9.4dB (1N was 10.4dB) - "Benjamin"

Spain Southern, a little inland from Mojacar on the Costa Almeria - 1.25m Gilbertini dish, we have been getting great performance since 1N and 2D was not bad either, I have been monitoring 11.023 H from 2F and it is there but very weak and not lockable on my spectrum on my 1.25 Gibertini dish - "Dave"

Germany NW, Bremen - with a 85cm dish offset by 9 degrees (main LNB to 19.2 east), since yesterday evening the signal on 11.023 H increased to a mid quality, but I have a‚ picture without any obvious abnormality - "Ike" again

Spain, Costa Blanca, Alicante - 1.9m dish, receiving 11.023 H, mighty relieved that 1.9m dishes are not redundant and consigned to being expensive rain catchers!‚ Local sat shops still advertising 1mtr "high tech" dishes - "Graham"

Germany, NRW, 5km south of Dƒ¼sseldorf - 85cm dish, due to bad weather conditions (It's raining cats and dogs today) my signal quality of 2F 11.023 H is 30-50%, 1N 11.052 H has a signal quality of 50-65% - "Alex"

France, South, Grasse near Nice - 1.0m, I can get 8901 and 8911 on 11.023 H and it is watchable, on my STB the "old" BBC / ITV etc gave 100% for both quality and strength, e.g. 11.126 V. With the 2F signal strength is down at 65% and quality flicking between 99% and 100%‚ - "Malcolm" again

Germany, Bavaria, Munich - 1.5m Gilbertini dish, reception of the 11.023 H on Astra 2F is possible but the signal is much weaker then the others - "Jƒ¼rgen"

Cyprus, Paphos - ??dish, here in Cyprus we can't receive the BBC 1 HD signal either‚ but then again we couldn't get it off the 2D, we did get ITV HD off the 2D though - "Steve and Ann"

Spain, Costa Blanca, Torrevieja - 1.35m offset dish, just got back and am picking up 8901 and 8911 signals - "Simon"

France South , 60km north of St Tropez - 90cm dish, 11.023 H stayed at SQ 75/60 until 13:30 CET, It then started oscillating between 60/50 and 0/0. Now nothing at 14:00 CET.‚ weather good, must be the effects of the sun on out-of-beam reception.- "Keith" again

Ireland, Dublin - 60cm Oval Sky dish and Sky LNB,‚ Signal Intensity = 90%/Signal quality = 85% - "Sean"
Belgium, Maaseik region is perfect and my 28E is offset, 1.0m dish, S75%/Q70% - "Tom"

Italy, Tuscany - 1.2m dish, no signal on 11.023 H but all Astra 1N frequencies are no problem - "Keir"

Germany NW, Bremen - with a 85cm dish offset by 9 degrees (main LNB to 19.2 east) I barely receive the signal but the scan finds the channels and plays them quite broken. Yesterday evening I had no reception at all - "Ike"

Cyprus, Agglantzia area,‚ Nicosia - 3.8m, no signal but I am trying to verify the receiver used, Sky or Non Sky - "Andreas"

Sweden, BorĴs 60km west of GĦteborg - nothing on 90cm dish but confirmed reception on 2m dish - "Franny" (Greets 2U2)

Spain, Altea, north of Alicante - I have just installed A 1 Mtr Famaval High Gain Dish with an Inverto BLACK ULTRALow Noise 0.2 L.N.B. and here are the results from 11.023 H, Signal Strength 86%/Signal Quality 68-71%, this LNB has a long focal and it is important to spend some time adjusting skew and focal to get this signal on your meter/dish - "Pat" again

France SW, north of Toulouse - 90cm dish and Inverto Black premium 0.2 Quad LNB, at this time (12 noon continental time ) the 2F signal test on 11.023 H broadcating BBC1 HD seems to have improved since yesterday evening, 70% strength versus 56% yesterday and‚ 90% quality versus 81%yesterday‚ - "Jean Louis" again

Spain, Almeria - today the quality is up to 55 % and the picture is rock solid, dish is a Gibertini 1.5 [1.65 in new money!], Invacom C120 quad LNB with modified Hughes feed horn - "Harvey" again

Spain, Malaga - tested a 1.3m Gibertini and have no signal for BBC HD/11.023 H, also a 1.5m‚ - "Carl"

Spain, Valencia - 1.35m dish,‚ 11.023 H Signal strength 100%, Signal Quality 70%, Visual Image Quality 100% - "Frubio"

Spain,‚ Castellƒ³n de la Plana near Villareal - 1.2mdish, nothing this morning, no signal, so at the moment it seems that we are back to last year's‚ situation when only evening/night reception was possible with a 1.20m dish‚ - "Hƒ©ctor" again

Tenerife - 2.4m dish, This morning it works between 5am and 10am but after 10am the signal drops off - "Darren" again

Spain, Costa Blanca - 1.1m dish,‚ Signal being received on 11.023 H as of 10am this morning without break up,‚ weather clear and sunny, Signal Strength is 85%and Signal Quality is 65% ‚ - "Chris"

Spain, Cordoba,‚ 75 miles east of Seville - 1.4m dish,‚ test frequency on 2f not coming in... (30-40%) - "Chris"

Germany South,‚ between Ulm and Augsburg - 1.2m dish, I‚ have a signal power of 50 for a second it jumps up to 99 but no channels,‚ others in my region can pick it up with a dish size 80cm around Ulm and 1.25m in Augsburg - "Richard" again

France South , 60km north of St Tropez - 90cm dish, yesterday during the afternoon the sky became very overcast with a heavy layer of cloud. The 11023H signal disappeared completely, this morning the situation is much improved, I am getting the transponder at 80% strength, 60% quality with good pictures on both feeds‚ - "Keith" again

Germany, NRW, 50km east of Dortmund - 85cm dish, the reception got worse by the hour yesterday, It reached a critical 6.0 db with my Technisat HD S8 receiver at about 8pm, it then started to improve and reached a high of 7.2 db at midnight., this morning it lost it`s strength again and was at 6.2 db, a later I had no reception of both satellites at all‚ - "Tobias" again

Spain, between Alicante and Torevieja - 1.9 dish, checking signal this morning and 8901/8911 stable on 1.9m but not showing on 1.4m Prime focus. changed Inverto Quad LNB for Invacom Quad LNB on the 1.4m and 8901/8911 now coming in. Signal strength dropped a little with Invacom but quality increased, seems to have made the difference. Reports here on local forums seem to indicate 1.0m/1.1m dishes are working but LNB quality is the important factor‚ - "Nick" again

Germany, Bonn - 80cm dish, reception of 8901 and 8911 on 11.023 H is possible - "Peter"

Spain, Costa Blanca -‚ It's a large area, so in the north, say Valencia we are talking of reception on a 1 metre dish,‚ in the south in Torrevieja some 200 kms from Valencia definite reception on a 1.85 metre dish - "Alex" again

Portugal, Eastern Algarve - ??dish, not a hint of the 11.023 H signal here, hope the V sig's will be better - "Trevor"

Germany, Mƒ¶nchengladbach -‚ 80cm Dish, 100% Strength and 100% Quality on 11.023 H - "Callum"

Sweden SE,‚ very southern tip - ??dish, receiving 11.023 H 57% SNR or 8.77 Db, this is 6 Db lower than Astra 1N but 6 db higher than Astra 2D, looking forward to seeing if we can get the vertical channels as well - "Andy"

Spain, Costa Blanca, Javea -‚ 2.4m polish steel dish and invacom twin, quality improved from 76/77 to 81/82‚ - "Pete"

Spain, Costa Blanca,‚ Torrevieja - 1.35m dish‚ and Inverto Ultra single LNB, I‚ can get 11.023 H, the signal is not strong but is providing a stable service - "Mike"

Spain, Mallorca, Palma - 1.65m working - "Darren"

France Central,‚ 150kms south of Paris/70kms east of Orleans - ??dish‚ ‚ Visiosat,‚ receive perfectly here - "Jacques"

Spain, Costa Blanca, Javea -‚ Some parts of CB that I have tested inland from the coast (XATIVA etc) are getting a weak but stable signal on a high quality 1m dish with either a SMART TITANIUM or Inverto black ultra LNB -‚ "UKTV CB"

Italy, Naples - 2.0m PF,‚ I just checked 11.023 H, very grim situation, compared to the adjacent 1N carriers, the signal is 7.5 dB lower. I can receive the 1N channels with a 1.8 dB link margin with a prime focus 2 meter dish - "Peter"

Spain, Costa Calida, Murcia/Cartagena - 1.8m and 1.35m dishes, receiving 11.023 H OK here clear skies, although on the 1.35m the signal quality is very low but it is not affecting picture or sound - "Jim"

Portugal South - 1.5m dish,‚ Astra 2F is OFF - "Jose"

Spain, Costa Blanca, Alicante - 2.4m Famaval dish,‚ 11.023 H has a very reduced signal to any of the transponders on 1N however I have a perfect signal on this frequency but looking on spectrum analyzer its a lot smaller spike than anything on 1N. I see also that 11.023 H is not viewable on a 1.1m offset here but 1N is perfect signal on all transponders, but pixalates on 11.023 H on a 1.45m Famaval dish - "Martin"‚ 

France, South, Grasse near Nice - 1.0m, 11.023 H S58%/Q00%, on Astra 1N S73%/Q77%, - "Malcolm"

Italy, Venice - 90cm, no signal on 11.023 H, yes with Astra 1N - "Fabiano"

Spain, Costa Blanca, Javea -‚ 1.35m Offset, 1.4m Offset, 145m P/Focus, and obviously our 1.9 & 2.4m dishes -‚ "UKTV CB"‚ 

Spain, Costa Blanca - 1.4m Famaval dish, I am‚ receiving the signal fine, low signal but no break up yet - "Nigel"

Spain, Altea, north of Alicante -‚ 1.2m dish, I‚ am getting all tests from the new satellite, Signal 83% Quality 27% - "Pat"

Southern Finland - 2.4m dish with Invacom LNB, 11.023 H, nothing, absolutely nowt! - "Karl"

Cyprus, between Limassol and Paphos - ?? dish, no signal as of yet - "Rick"

Spain North, San Sebastian - 88cm Triax, no signal on 11.023 H - "Josh"

France SW, a little south east of Perigueux, between Limoges and Bordeaux - 80cm dish, picking up the two test channels ‚  ‚  ‚  with Signal Strength 100%/Signal‚ Quality 90% - "Paul"

Spain, Fortuna, Murcia - 1.35m dish,‚ I have just tested the signal with a Best LNB and the signal is fine - "Lloyd"

Germany, 20km east of Hamburg - 90cm dish, no signal on 11.023 H, on Astra 1N i have 92% strength - "Kim Alexander"

On Astra 1N i have 92% Signal strength.

Spain, Costa Blanca,‚ Alicante - 1.0m dish, I‚ can receive perfect signal on a 1m dish - "Larry"

The Netherlands, Eindhoven - 45cm Technisat Multytenne dish , test transmissions on 11.023 H are comimg in perfect, in fact it is BETTER‚ (5%) than from 1N - "David"

Spain, Costa Blanca,‚ Alicante - 1.0m dish, 68S/78Q, it is‚ a little low, cant see me picking this up after 7.30pm - "Simon"

Tenerife, West - 2.4m dish, no signal on 11.023 H, signal still strong on Astra 1N - "Tom"

Spain,‚ Castellƒ³n de la Plana near Villareal - 1.2m, I get 11.023 H after having to adjust my dish‚ - "Hƒ©ctor" again

Portugal, 80km north of Lisbon - 90cm, no signal on 11.023 H - "Paulo"

Spain, between Alicante and Torevieja - 1.9 dish,‚ bringing in 11.023 H with no problem, not breaking up. no signal on‚ 1.4m dish, the same 1.4m dish bringing in all Astra 1N with no problem - "Nick"

On 1.4m dish- No Signal.

France SW, north of Toulouse - 90cm dish,‚ this signal is weaker than the normal 10.847 V BBC 1 HD signal - "Jean Louis"

Spain, Costa Blanca,‚ Torrevieja Area - 1.0 m dish, no reception of 11.023H BBC 1 HD tests‚ - "Alex" again

Spain, Almeria - 1.5m dish,‚ I am getting 40% quality on 11.023 H, the picture is occasionally breaking up - "Harvey"

Spain, Costa Blanca,‚ Torrevieja Area - 1.85m dish, no trouble for me here with the‚ 11.023H BBC 1 HD tests‚ - "Alex"

Spain, Costa Blanca,‚ Torrevieja Area - 1.9m dish, I‚ am receiving Channels 8901 and 8911 - "Rob"(not "The Rob"!)

France South, 50 km NE of Toulouse - 78cm triax dish,‚ I receive 11.023H with 65%,‚ 10.847 V at 73% - "Ben"

Spain,‚ Costa Blanca, a little south of Alicante‚ - 2.3m Famaval dish, getting 100% signal quality, perfect!! - "Noel"

Germany, SW, Heidelberg - Selfsat HD30 dish, 11.023 H‚ with 84/60 (S/Q) compared with 10.847 V with 84/84 (S/Q) - Daniel

Germany, NRW, 50km east of Dortmund - 85cm dish, signal strength 8.1 dB (2F) instead of 9.8 db (1N) - "Tobias"

Spain, Costa Blanca - 85cm dish, he 2 x test channels for BBC 1 HD I am getting here -‚ "Andy"

Portugal, Porto - 1.2m dish,‚ this frequency has a reduced signal from Astra 1N - "Pedro"

France South , 60km north of St Tropez - 90cm dish, no consistent signal, picture breaking up - "Keith"

Sweden, Kristianstad, north east of Malmo - 1.20m dish, weaker than Astra 1N - "Jan"