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Voice of America (VOA) TV and Radio are the USA Government's overseas service, same as BBC World TV and Radio are the UK's overseas service.
(VOA) TV and Radio are available via satellite worldwide but more specifically for us, they are available via satellite in the UK and Europe via the Eutelsat Hotbird satellite at 13 degrees east, 12.226 Vertical, Symbol Rate 27.500, FEC 3/4.
So why am I dedicating a page to VOA TV? Well for most of a 24 hour day VOA TV broadcasts in English, it has a mix of programmes (usually 30 minutes long) like news and current affairs, documentaries, music shows, and film review shows, some of VOA TV's 24 hour day is taken up with news in foreign languages but as I said earlier, most of VOA TV's
24 hour day is in English.
Firstly VOA TV (I will come to VOA Radio later), the first thing to know is that VOA TV has two English channels on Eutelsat Hotbird, one is called VOA (Voice of America) TV and one is called DOS (Department of State) TV, for part of the 24 hour day these two channels carry the same programmes but they do not carry the same programmes for the whole 24 hour day, quite often when one of the channels is broadcasting in a foreign language the other channel will be broadcasting in the English language and vice versa, also for part of the day DOS TV carries AETV (American Embassy Television Network) which has The White House/USA Government press briefings. by watching these two channels it is possible to have an English language channel for most of the 24 hour day.
Now to the all important programme schedule information but before I give you the link to the programme guide there are two things you must know, where it says "Select Satellite" you must select "EU" for VOA TV and "CH-340" for DOS TV, then click on the date, the weekly view or the weekly grid. VOA TV and DOS TV programme schedule is HERE
VOA Radio on the Eutelsat Hotbird satellite has two radio stations of interest in the English language, the first station is "VOA MUSIC MIX", the station's name tells you what kind of radio channel it is, 24 hours a day music with DJ presenters, I have listened to this station a lot over the years, and the second station is "VOA NEWS NOW" which is the‚ USA Government's overseas‚ news and information‚ ‚ service, same as BBC World Service Radio is the UK's overseas‚ news and information‚ service,‚ I have also listened to this station a lot over the years (even on short wave radio),‚ I will see about putting programme guide information for these two radio stations at a later date.
Some important information for you when "searching" for the above channels is that when you search for these channels in your channel list there will be a very large amount of channels stored/listed for‚ 12.226 Vertical, Symbol Rate 27.500, FEC 3/4, I usually choose the following:-‚ 
VOA TV = VOA TV 240,
DOS TV = DOS TV 340,
VOA NEWS NOW = VOA RADIO 107 (VOA NEWS NOW/VOA RADIO 107 is only available on the left audio channel, it is in mono
Once again‚ the above channels are available via satellite in the UK and Europe via the Eutelsat Hotbird satellite at 13 degrees east, 12.226 Vertical, symbol rate 27.500, FEC 3/4.