TV5 Monde English

TV5 Monde Europe in English



French international channel TV5 Monde Europe now has analogue teletext subtitles in addition to the digital teletext subtitles (DVB) which have been available for a short time, analogue teletext subtitles mean that if your satellite receiver does not have a built in teletext decoder you can now watch TV5 Monde Europe's French programmes with English subtitles simply by pressing text on your television, this was/is not possible if only digital teletext subtitles are broadcast, TV5 Monde Europe's English subtitles can be found on page 892, details of which programmes broadcast English subtitles can be found‚ HERE‚ scroll through the day's/week's programmes and if you see this symbol‚ Sous-titrage‚ put‚ your mouse/cursor over that symbol, it will then tell you what languages the programme is subtitled in, naturally English in French is 'anglais'


Satellite and frequency information for TV5 Monde Europe is :-

Astra satellite at 19.2 degrees east

11.538 V, SR 22.000, FEC 5/6

Eutelsat Hotbird satellite at 13 degrees east

11.137 H, SR 27.500, FEC 3/4