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This channel is a bi-lingual channel broadcasting in German and French on the Astra satellite a t 19 degrees east and the Hotbird satellite at 13 degrees east, firstly I must tell you that if you are receiving this channel via Astra 1 at 19 degrees east there are two versions of ARTE on different frequencies, one German, one French, to distinguish between the two, the German version is labelled as arte, the French version is labelled as ARTE, the one on Hotbird is the French version only, but has a German soundtrack option too, is also labelled ARTE.The German arte broadcasts mainly in German with a smattering of programmes in the original language, programme guide starts on teletext page 300, programmes broadcast in the original language are labelled OmU, this means original version with German subtitles in vision.Of more interest is the French version of ARTE, broadcasting mainly in the French language,this channel shows more programming in the original language than the German version of arte, the Hotbird version also carries teletext, programme guide starts on teletext page 400, unfortunately the Astra version of this channel does not carry teletext, but the German version of arte does carry teletext of the day's French programming starting at page 400, handy if you only have Astra19 degrees east. ‚ the French ARTE has two ways of broadcasting programmes in the original language,‚ there is VOSTF, this means original version with French subtitles in vision, and VM which means more than one soundtrack, when a film is broadcast in VM mode you will have to change the audio language from French to either German or English, ‚ the audio is labelled different on Astra and Hotbird.

So programming, this channel broadcasts arts programming, films, series, dramas, music documentaries and concerts, just about everything, for original language programming check the relevant teletext pages i mentioned earlier, looking for OmU or VOSTF or VM, one further teletext page of interest is page 485, this page tells you which films are coming up on the channel, but don't just rely on this page only, this page only tells you when the films are first shown, films and series are repeated, please check the daily listings.

ARTE broadcasts via the Hotbird satellite at 13 degrees east and via the Astra 1 satellite at 19 degrees east



‚ BBC ALBA is the Scottish (Gaelic) language channel, it has a wide variety of programmes, documentaries, music, childrens, many of BBC ALBA's shows are subtitled in the English language, either in-vision or manually activating the subtitles, it also shows some sports mainly live rugby and football, also highlights or delayed coverage of a top Scottish league match, there is stuff of interest on this channel, depends on your tasteBBC ALBA is available via the Astra 2 satellite at 28 degrees east‚ ‚ 


‚ BBC WORLD NEWS is the BBC's international news channel, good for when BBC news UK and Sky news are on one of their many overkill days with the latest scandal/gossip gutter journalism, when that happens I flick over to BBC WORLD NEWS for the real news.BBC WORLD NEWS broadcasts via the Astra 1 satellite at 19 degrees east and via the Hotbird satellite at 13 degrees east, it is also available from other satellites covering different parts of the world, most notably 1 degree west which is also pretty well received in the UK and Europe‚ 


CNBC has been given it's very own page on this site, check out the navigation bar at the top of the page


DELUXE MUSIC is a music channel that's unlike all the other music channels available on free to air satellite, it features a wide variety of soul, disco, lounge, chill, types of music, new and old, music you know, and music you will want to know, two shows I particularly like are on thursdays a show called at the movies, which has music videos of songs that were featured in movies, think Bryan Adams/Robin Hood‚ and Whitney Houston/The Bodyguard and you get the pictire so to speak!!, and the other show I like? well that's on saturday evenings, starting around 1900 UK time and lasting for five hours, it's called Disco Deluxe, a megamix/mash up show featuring old and new songs mixed in every possible way you could think of, both audio and video wise, excellent, who needs to go to the disco with this show, you can still go out by staying in!!, get the beers in and a few mates round and party.DELUXE MUSIC broadcasts via the Astra 1 satellite at 19 degrees east‚ ‚ 


‚ The first thing to know about KANALI VOULIS is how to get it, because when you do a scan on your receiver it does not show as Kanali Voulis on your receiver, it will show as something like AtoeS, it's written in the Greek alphabet style, but that's roughly how it will show on your receiver. this channel is by day the Greek parliamentary channel but in the evening, usually from about 1600 UK time, it shows some programming in other languages, i.e. English, German, French. English programming consists of some documentaries, mainly BBC, and on occasion some old films.KANALI VOULIS or AtoeS broadcasts via the Hotbird satellite at 13 degrees east‚ ‚ 


There are two things to remember about S4C, the first thing you must remember is that S4C also has an English soundtrack option, ‚ S4C also subtitles most of its Welsh programming in English.So what about S4C's programming?S4C is the Welsh language general entertainment channel, it features a wide variety of shows ranging from soaps, sport, childrens, current affairs, anything really most of which is subtitled for the English viewer.

But where S4C comes into it's own is with it's sports coverage, because this is where the English soundtrack comes into play, no pun intended! S4C's sports coverage consists mainly of live rugby, but also has football, rally, trotting e.t.c. and all you have to do to get the English soundtrack/commentary is either press the red button or to change your receivers audio language to Welsh, yes Welsh, then you have the English commentary, I know it's a little bit Irish for want of a better word, ‚ but that is how it works.

So no more saying to yourselves that's Welsh, I'm not watching that,, S4C is always one to check out.

S4C broadcasts via the Astra 2 satellite at 28 degrees east‚ 



SIXX is a German channel from the Pro Sieben/Sat 1 family, aimed at women, it's broadcast in the German language, but there are two shows that are of interest to the non German speaker, the Oprah Winfrey show and the Rachael Ray show, both are talk/chat shows with stars appearing regularly, these two shows are broadcast daily in the English language with on screen German subtitles.SIXX broadcasts via the Astra 1 satellite at 19 degrees east‚  


‚ SMILE OF A CHILD is a childrens channel, a joint venture between the US religious broadcasters (TBN, Church channel e.t.c.), the channel offers good wholesome, clean childrens entertainment, check it out, there is some good stuff on thereSMILE OF A CHILD broadcasts via the Hotbird satellite at 13 degrees east‚ 


TGN is the Thai Global Network, so what's of interest on here i hear you ask?
TGN mainly in the Thai language, it shows news and current affairs, soaps and popular series, comedy and game shows.
For English speakers TGN has a show every Sunday morning called Oz Talk/Morning Talk, it's a lifestyle current affairs type programme, with features relating to Thailand, this show is usually followed by a two hour concert of Thai music featuring the top Thai acts, TGN also feature throughout the week at varying times travelogue type programmes, a lot of the time in the english language, some programmes on TGN also carry in vision subtitles, there is a programme called Chris Delivery on TGN, this is a teaching English type show, but it's done in a comedy way, the presenter is slightly crazy to say the least, best way to describe it is half comedy/half teaching English.
TGN also has a radio station available on the same frequency if you like Thai music..‚ 
TGN broadcasts via the Hotbird satellite at 13 degrees east
TGN has been given it's own page with the latest TV guide, you can find it in the TV Schedules section in the links at the top of this page
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