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  1. I donated yesterday but my comment is not showing, thanks for all the hard work you do for us.

  2. hi rob, i left a comment before. i’m on disability and contributed by clicking the ads on your page, but i really want to do more. i rely on you to watch so many lovely channels. for which you pay and spent all your free time to set this up. i could give an order to my bank to donate 5 euro a month. i don’t have paypal or credit cards. i can pay through maestro, but it’s not available on your donate page. so can you please mail me a direct bank account so i can contribute financially as well, please? thank you so much again for what you do! love from belgium, anja (ps mail is geneticanja at gmail dot com)

  3. Many thanks for your dedication getting your site up and running Rob. Well done you.
    Have just donated a tenner from Spain to help a little, it would have been more but I only have a small pension.

  4. Hi there, I have donated 20 gbp through paypal and will happily doing it again, you are doing a great job. I live in Spain and reception is good, but freezes a lot, tho only for a few secs. I would email if I could find an address? Keep up the good work.

  5. Excellent reception here in Crete, I’ve already donated and would be happy to pay a subscription for quality TV over the internet. I give up on satellite TV a long time ago because of poor or at at times no reception. Filmon did the job but no way would I pay the amount they are asking. Well done, great piece of work you are doing. Thanks

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